Here's a short update about a neat thing I just discovered. The Pathfinder RPG Bestiary has several monsters with variants listed. The stone giant, for example, has stone giant elders that are a bit more powerful and lead their people. Wights have brute wights (ones made from giants), cairn wights (powerful wights that guard crypts), and so on. These variants are called out with their own headers or boldface entries. They're also listed in a table at the back of the Bestiary for ease of reference.

But there's a monster in the book with a secret variant! The pegasus mentions, in its last paragraph, the powers of a "pegasus champion." Bred from noble stallions, these pegasi have a suite of additional abilities. This isn't called out with a subheader and isn't listed in the table. It's a secret, powerful version of the normal pegasus!

So I'm using one in an adventure right now