After some whirlwind travel over the turn of the year, followed by jumping back into three straight nights of great gaming (my Fifth Edition game based on the Legacy of Fire adventure path, a new Pathfinder game I've joined starting the Rise of the Runelords adventure path, and my longstanding Pathfinder campaign using the Shattered Star adventure path), I'm finally able to take a look back over 2014. I started, as might be appropriate, with looking back at New Years 2014.

I remember resolving at the beginning of last year to write at least 1000 words every day. I know I didn't keep that pace up throughout the whole year--resolutions are like that--but I did benefit from giving myself a more disciplined approach to writing and thinking of my writing in discrete chunks to tackle over time rather than all at once. As a result, I was quite productive in 2014; it may have been my most active year of writing ever (based on word count, that is).  

I haven't logged  1000 words a day in 2015, although I've probably written a few thousand; that's mostly been on a high-level Run Amok Games adventure I'm preparing called "The Leng Incursion," and some writing for what may be my longest Run Amok project yet, "The Emergency Settlement Collection." I haven't yet tackled some rewriting Paizo has asked me to do, but that will be another few thousand words in the next week or so. Onward into 2015!