I hadn't planned on going to GenCon this year, but some longtime friends are making a special trip out, so I'm headed down to play with them. I'll be there only Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be playing the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons in the slots I'm signed up for (or, more accurately, the slots my friend Russell signed us all up for) and I plan to bring the same character that ultimately survived the Lost Mines of Phandelver starter box adventure. Whether I'll be able to play that 4th level character alongside my friends' 1st level characters is yet to be seen, but my suspicion is yes. I also plan to hit the Paizo booth to pick up some of the new class decks for their card game, and generally say hi to the many great Paizo folks I've gotten to know.

I can't stay at GenCon all weekend for a couple of reasons: family obligations for one, but also because I still have to come up with several thousand words for two Paizo projects (very different projects, as it turns out, which is good to keep my interest up) due later this month.