Paizo Publishing uses its blog for marketing, which makes a lot of sense. Usually they're announcing their new products, or upcoming games, and so on. Every now and again, though, they put up a blog post about the recent third-party publications offered in their online store.

They don't have to do this; in fact, there's some logic in saying that they shouldn't do this. We third-party publishers aren't nearly Paizo's size, but we're technically their competition: if someone buys something from one of us, that's gaming dollars Paizo might not see. It's good that Paizo lets us 3PPs sell through their online store at all, much less that they advertise our products for us.

But here's why I'm particularly excited: Paizo includes an image at the front of each blog entry. When they make a "look what 3PPs are doing" blog post, somebody's product cover is the image of that blog.  And all weekend long, it's been the brand-new "Beyond the Serpentine Lock"!

That's right: I've gotten several days of front-page exposure on Because they are much kinder to us 3PPs than they need to be. Thanks, Paizo!