So, I've not only turned in my AP chapter, but I've also turned in a few additional writing assignments Paizo has been good enough to send my way (in particular, some monster writing for the Occult Bestiary and some additional racial writeups for Inner Sea Races). I couldn't really unwind after turning in my AP chapter, because I had those other deadlines, but now I feel like I'm caught up. I can't help but turn back to Run Amok matters, though: working through some monster writing for Paizo has me geared up to complete the Run Amok Bestiary I've been kicking around for a while. In addition to compiling the new monsters from existing (and forthcoming!) Run Amok adventures, I've created several new beasties as well. I'm shooting for about 20 monsters in total: ten from existing products and ten brand-new creatures. Even the existing monsters get some expansion, though, as I want to provide a few adventure hooks for most if not all of the monsters--something many monster manuals lack, but is right up my alley.

I'm also finishing some of the Emergency Settlement Collection entries, and reviewing the final products for Perils of the Broken Road, too. Seems I can't sit idle for long--not even a few days!