I wasn't exactly sure whether producing a free excerpt from The Emergency Character Collection was a good idea. However, in the last week, the free excerpt has more downloads than all of my other products put together. So people are grabbing it, and although there aren't yet any reviews (or even much chatter) about The Emergency Character Collection, I'm sure I can attribute at least some of my sales of the full product to the popularity of the free excerpt.

So, free excerpts seem to sell products. I'm sure several other third-party publishers out there would consider this obvious, and consider me dense for taking so long to tumble onto this fact, but all my products before The Emergency Character Collection have been adventures, which don't lend themselves well to free excerpts.

Or do they? I think I'll plan on free excerpts for upcoming products, even adventures, in order to show people one encounter or limited area of the adventure. For example, Kingdom of Toads has an "floating" Act in which a rival adventuring group tries to ambush the PCs. This Act stands pretty well on its own, and any GM that wants stats and tactics for a group of high-level opponents would be interested in grabbing it for free.

In short, I'll be looking for ways to release other free content connected with my future Run Amok products. Keep an eye out for those.