So, when I have everything all lined up to send to get a print proof, I like to hurry to do so--I know that the print proof can take as much as a week to get accepted, printed, and arrive for my review, and I might have to run the proof a second (or third) time. So as to not waste time, I rarely sit on final-but-not-quite-final-for-a-print-proof versions of my publications. I find myself having done just that over the past week or so with Flirtation with Fey. Mostly, that's been due to writing for Paizo (some supplemental work for what will be my first contribution to a hardcover Paizo book!), but honestly a lot of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, too--we're really having a blast with that at my place, and the addition of organized play has basically created an alternate adventure path that we're enjoying alongside the primary adventure path.

But Flirtation with Fey is now submitted, with the print proof on the way--so look for that soon!