Endzeitgeist, tireless reviewer and masterful guide to the sea of third-party Pathfinder products, has once again endorsed a Run Amok Games adventure with his top rating of five stars plus his seal of approval! He says: ā€œAuthor Ron Lundeen tries his hand at one epic high-level adventure breathing the spirit of broad repercussions appropriate for the level and manages to provide a module that challenges beyond its statblock-builds and also offers some food for the mind. Mind you, that does not mean that your level 17-18 PCs should forget what they've learned throughout their careers, for this module is anything but a cakewalk and requires some smart tactics to triumph.ā€

The free pdf of this adventure has been available at One Bookshelf (that is, the sister sites RPGNow and DriveThruRPG) and the D20PFSRD store, but Iā€™m also getting it onto the Paizo site as well, hopefully in the next few days.