I was ridiculously excited six months ago when our local comic shop, Aw Yeah Comics, opened a sister store across the street called Aw Yeah Games. It sold board games of all sorts, lots of Magic the Gathering, and a small but promising stock of RPG titles. I immediately made it my game shopping destination, buying lots of games for myself and my kids there, and participating in some of their game events (notably, DMing the D&D Encounters seasons of Princes of the Apocalypse and Out of the Abyss). But, alas, the game store was not meant to be, and it closed its doors just a few weeks ago. The poor store made it only six months.

The Aw Yeah Comics folks say they're consolidating the game stock and events into their store, but the comic store is already too crowded for space, and there just isn't room. So I'll swing by now and then, but mostly I'll miss the brief, shining moment of being only a few blocks away from my own spacious FLGS (friendly local game store).

Aw Yeah Games had their rent paid through October, so I'm running a few more weekly sessions of Out of the Abyss, but I'm wrapping that up and transitioning the DMing to one of my skilled and eager players, who will be running the rest of that season in a local art gallery instead (as the comic store just doesn't have room).

RIP, Aw Yeah Games.