I'm off to a family reunion over the next week or so, and it's always a decision as to which games to bring (or prepare, when the family is here in Chicago). I'm fortunate to have a lot of gamers in my family. Two years ago, I ran an early playtest version of Perils of the Broken Road for my brother-in-law and nieces and nephews; that was the only playtest the adventure got, actually, and the final version is quite a bit different (including the addition of Pathfinder Beginner Box materials). For this reunion, I'm planning to bring a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure that I'm writing, in order to give that a run. Most of the gamers in my family tried 5th edition last year (where I TPK'd them in Lost Mines of Phandelver), so their learning curve is not so steep.

There will be board games a-plenty, too; I'm definitely bringing Sushi Go, Bang! the dice game, and a few others. My wife talked me out of bringing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, as much as I would love to share it, because we won't have a whole ton of play space at our primary reunion venue, and that game takes up a lot of real estate that can't be bumped or jostled. Plus, I have to remember to bring some Magic the Gathering, to pit against my nephew who's better at that game every time I play him. In short, there will be gaming aplenty!