My adventure "Dark Waters Rising" for Raging Swan is now available here: Creighton Broadhurst of Raging Swan has been great to work with, and a real exemplar of third party publisher interaction. He was open to my pitch of an adventure idea, suggested tie-ins to his existing products that I could use, and provided clear direction for how he wanted the final product to look. Creighton gave me a document template with the appropriate styles already set, which I'd only ever seen from Paizo; this helps me a lot as a writer, since I don't have to worry about "bolding this" or "all-caps-ing that." It's a very professional sign--if I get anyone interested in writing for me, I'll be sure to provide a comprehensive style guide. Creighton sent me back comments to my milestone and questions I had along the way, all of which helped me give him what he was looking for. Creighton sent me the draft map back from his cartographer as soon as I asked him whether I could see it, and took comments from me on that, too. He was unfailingly communicative all the way through the process.

Creighton didn't stop there, though: he asked me for a Run Amok Games ad page to include in the adventure, and he's been linking to this site everywhere he promotes Dark Waters Rising. This is exceedingly kind, as he's taking his own marketing opportunities to point to someone else in the industry. Very gentlemanly all the way around. Creighton even asked if I would write a few blog posts for him, the first of which is up here:

Working with Creighton at Raging Swan has been a pleasure as well as a learning experience, and I look forward to doing more with Raging Swan in the future.