My adventure Dark Waters Rising for Raging Swan Press came out last July, and was quite well-received. Raging Swan has only a few print products; nearly are all pdf-only, with a distinctive simple white-on-black color style.

For Raging Swan's third birthday last month (congrats on three years!), they put three of their popular products out in print. One of these was Dark Waters Rising, which I was very proud to hear!

Creighton Broadhurst at Raging Swan was kind enough to send me his print version of my adventure, and it's quite beautiful. The cover is a matte black, rather than a glossier cover like the Run Amok Games products, and the interior artwork is quite good and crisp (a problem I've had to overcome in my first couple of products). Needless to say, this print version now has a place of pride on my "stuff I've written that's in print" shelf.

Please do check out Dark Waters Rising, and in print if you can!