A few weeks ago, Paizo let me write their daily blog about a project I developed called Adventurer's Armory 2. They've done it again, letting me blog about the development task I had after that--a product called Blood of the Sea. That blog is here.

Adventurer's Armory 2 was packed with crunch--so many tables, items, and rules that I felt I had to make sure there was some world flavor around the edges, so to speak. Blood of the Sea was very different. The author, veteran Amber Scott, had included so many flavorful bits and world-building that I the actual rules crunch was much, much less. The other key difference was that Adventurer's Armory 2 had a lot of writers, and Blood of the Sea only had one--well, two, since I had to supplement several sections to contort the word count to fit as exactly as it needed. Some of the creations in there are mine, not Amber's (well, three authors, I suppose, since Adam Daigle let me steal unused pieces from the Aquatic Adventures book to include in Blood of the Sea to fill some gaps, too). A piece of wisdom I heard early on while learning to be a developer is that developers are often functionally uncredited co-authors. That's true, and it's fine with me. I'm happy having everyone who reads Blood of the Sea think the neat stuff is Amber's and the not-so-neat stuff was due to my hamfisted development!

Still, I liked working on Blood of the Sea quite a bit, and the fact that both projects were so different made it very interesting to tackle both!