I turned in my outline for both my Paizo adventure path adventure, and for my Adventurers League adventure. In both cases, I intentionally went beyond the general outline expectations, just to make it crystal clear what I'd be doing.

For the Paizo outline, I was shown a previous outline for the product; it was about 2,000 words. I kept what I thought were some pretty good parts of that, filled out the rest, and expanded it all. My outline was about 6,500 words. 

For the Wizards of the Coast outline, I know they like only a high-level treatment; the sample outline they gave me was about a page long. For my adventure, I provided an outline 2 pages long instead. (If this seems surprisingly short, keep in mind that the final product for Paizo is about seven times longer--37,000 words as opposed to 5,000).

In both cases, my developers got back to me within a few days with some comments and edits. Nothing that made me feel like I was on the terribly wrong track with either project, but some improvements for me to incorporate.

I once heard that a developer's job is to make the adventure awesome. It's also to fix the adventure. If the adventure needs a lot of fixing, it won't get a lot of additional awesome. If the adventure doesn't need a lot of fixing, it gets the awesome ladled on thick. In the case of both of my adventure outlines, I feel like the additions were how to make it more awesome (although there were some "umm...fix this" in both, too).

I'm already about 5,000 words into the Paizo adventure path--good thing, too, as my milestone (at which point I have to show about half my wordcount complete) is in less than 3 weeks!