I don't think I mentioned this, but with the departure of the fantastic Crystal Frasier from Paizo about two months ago, I've stepped into her work. Instead of handling the backmatter for adventure path adventures, I'm handing the adventure path adventures themselves! It's a very different style of work--a series of single month-long projects instead of rapid-fire multiple-things-in-a-week projects, but I like being able to really dig in to these adventures.

I did the development on Cradle of Night, an upcoming module, earlier this year. So developing a full adventure wasn't something I was entirely unfamiliar with. But adventure paths must have ties that are more complex, and they're more high-visibility, so there's a bit more pressure. Fortunately, Crystal set up a lot of the groundwork with the Tyrant's Grasp Adventure Path, and I'm riding on her great prep work for now. Thanks, Crystal!