For many, many years I've had West End Games' DarkStryder boxed campaign sitting on my gaming shelf. It's a very unique Star Wars campaign, with a lot of "Star Trek" elements (the PCs are the command crew of a large ship traveling in unknown space, they go on away teams, etc.). I thought it was a really neat campaign idea, but I never pulled together a group interested in playing it. But now I have! Just this week, my intrepid players embarked upon the first flight of the Far Star, launching this campaign. We're using the Edge of the Empire rules, rather than the old Star Wars d6 rules, and they fit surprisingly well (as much as I know them, which is not much; good thing I have my rules-savvy friend Jim at the table!).

I'm playing or running a lot of Pathfinder games (Kingmaker, Hell's Rebels, Hell's Vengeance, and Reign of Winter), but I like mixing it up with some other games as well!