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A Surprising Way HumbleBundle Hurts Paizo

Posted by Ron Lundeen on Monday, February 29, 2016, In : Work with Other Publishers 
So, the last week or so has been hard for Paizo. They offered a ton of products to a pay-what-you-want charity site called HumbleBundle, and they were wildly successful. The charity is making a ton of money, HumbleBundle is getting a good cut so they can keep doing their great work. Paizo is getting a ton of new customers. 

Then everyone that bought pdfs from the HumbleBundle sale went to Paizo's site to get them, and it all came crashing down.

Paizo's download page just wasn't set up to handle...
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Flirtation with Fey Gets Five Stars!

Posted by Ron Lundeen on Thursday, February 18, 2016, In : Announcements 
I'm pleased to report that A Flirtation with Fey received its first review--and it's five stars plus a seal of approval from Endzeitgeist! I couldn't be happier that the work Greg and I put into this adventure was so well received. This adventure started life as part of an adventure path for Headless Hydra Games, but when that didn't pan out we were able to take it back, revise it heavily, and release it in the format you can see today. Check it out!

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