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Dreams of Treasure

Posted by Ron Lundeen on Monday, December 12, 2016, In : Paizo 

One of the most exciting parts of my just-released Dreams of the Yellow King is the treasure. More than half of the adventure takes place in the Dreamlands, where the PCs come and go psychically. Although the PCs can bring psychic echoes of their normal equipment with them, this transfer doesn’t work the other direction; more specifically, the equipment they gather in the Dreamlands doesn’t return with them to the waking world.

This allowed me to seed the Dreamlands with ridiculously pow...

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Where Do You Dream?

Posted by Ron Lundeen on Thursday, December 8, 2016, In : Paizo 

My Dreams of the Yellow King is finally out, and it’s one of my assignments that I’ve liked the most. I had to do a lot of research into H.P. Lovecraft’s works to give it the right tone, and a fan of Lovecraft will see lots of sections that hit the same tones. I wanted to touch on some of these, but…


….there be spoilers ahead!


Much of the adventure takes place in the Dreamlands, a section of the Dimension of Dreams with some consistent geography, much of which is taken from ...

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We See Seas Fall in Seafall

Posted by Ron Lundeen on Thursday, December 1, 2016,
Just dropping a note to talk about some new gaming we're starting. Apart from some excited kickoffs to the new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Mummy's Mask set, I've gotten a group together to start the legacy board game Seafall tonight. I've heard good things about it, and I'm particularly interested to see how a board game can tell a narrative story; that is, how the designer can act as "Dungeon Master" for players of the game all over the world.

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