I'm freshly back from PaizoCon and, as always, it was a great weekend of gaming. Lots of the buzz was about the upcoming Starfinder game, and I'm doing a lot of writing for that, so it was good to get that energy.

This year, more so than most, I spent a lot of time running games. Thanks much to my great table for the author-run Pathfinder Society game, my crazy table of bumbling trolls trying to get revenge, and both of my Torg Eternity demo tables. I had a blast at each.

I also played a lot of the Pathfinder Adventure Card game, which was neat (including second place in the competition!), and sat in on a great panel with lots of other freelancers. 

Most of all, this was a great opportunity to speak with the developers and other Paizo employees I work with. They're all very approachable at this convention, which makes it a must on my annual convention schedule.

I'm already looking forward to PaizoCon 2018!