We're still enjoying the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game at my house; here's another custom scenario I designed:

The Pillbug's Revenge scenario is intended for characters who have completed The Poisoned Pill (and may have completed all of the Perils of the Lost Coast and even some or all of Burnt Offerings). Plentiful poison damage makes this scenario challenging.

Freshly escaped from prison, the notorious poison-merchant Aliver "Pillbug" Podiker has vowed revenge upon Sandpoint! Pillbug Podiker has equipped a cadre of ne'er-do-wells with powerful poisons. Furthermore, he has tainted potions all over town with his vile toxins. Someone must bring Pillbug Podiker to justice--again!

Players: Location 
1: Farmhouse 
1: General Store 
1: Waterfront 
2: Junk Beach 
3: Apothecary 
4: City Gate 
5: Prison 
6: Guard Tower

Villain: Pillbug Podiker

Henchmen: Bandits

During This Scenario: If you encounter a boon with the Alchemical and Liquid traits, you take 1 point of poison damage. (You then encounter the boon normally.)

All damage dealt by Bandit henchmen is poison damage that may not be reduced.

Reward: Each character gains a random ally from the box.