Whether my next release would be The Emergency Villain Collection or Perils of the Broken Road came basically down to which art came in first. The text for both is complete, and I've even started the layout for each (to the extent I can do so without the final art). Today, I received the last of the great pieces of art from Rick Hershey for the Emergency Villain Collection, so that will be the next product Run Amok Games releases. It's also a pretty consistent--although unintentional--organization of projects: three adventures, a non-adventure book (The Emergency Character Collection), then three adventures, and a non-adventure book (The Emergency Villain Collection). I'm not sure how many adventures will be next before my next non-adventure book (The Emergency Settlement Collection is the current plan), but it's looking like at least two. 

Just because The Emergency Villain Collection is next doesn't mean it will be very soon, however: I have a final turnover of about 12,000 words due to Paizo on Monday and a turnover of 19,000 words due two weeks after that. The first turnover is for a hardcover book they're releasing next year, and will be my first hardcover credit for them. The second is for a kind of "book of lairs" that I'm writing for them. So the week's worth of layout to get the Emergency Villain Collection finished and off for print proofs will put it into September, I think.