So I'm back from my family reunion, and we ended up getting in much more gaming than I planned. I did get a chance to playtest the 5th edition adventure that I'm writing, and I learned that rust monsters aren't nearly so frightening in the new edition (although when your PCs snipe from range and don't risk their precious melee weapons, they have less to fear!). 

I also ran a session of Mythender, which is a fantastic one-shot game that really lets creativity (and awesome metal imagery) soar. My group managed to take down Thor on his home turf, although one of them ascended to become the new Lord of Thunder (and Vanity). 

Most surprisingly, I brought along the Pathfinder Card Game and it was a smash hit. We played 10 games over the weekend, getting deep into adventure 2 of Rise of the Runelords. My brother quite liked it, and plans to pick it up--so my nieces and nephews will definitely see more of it!

We played a little bit of other stuff, too, including Bang! The Dice Game, which my oldest daughter quite enjoys.

Thanks to my family for all the great gaming!