I've mentioned my work with Headless Hydra Games on their Viridian Legacy adventure path. Unfortunately, their adventure path has not panned out for several reasons, including Axel Carlsson of Headless Hydra taking on a separate exciting setting-and-rules-system project. I had written a full adventure for the adventure path already, and it was one I'm pretty proud of. Axel generously returned the rights of this adventure to me.

What this means for Run Amok is this: with a bit of rewrite to un-link it from the adventure path elements, I now have a complete adventure to drop into the Run Amok schedule. This will help me get caught back up to my one-product-per-quarter schedule that's slipped so far this year. He also returned the complete adventure written by my friend Greg Hanigan, but that adventure is so wholly immersed in Axel's Mor Aldenn setting that un-linking it will take a lot more time (and may not even be possible, but Greg is working through that).

I'll update the rest of the site--regarding "Coming Soon" products and so forth--but I wanted to announce that "Beyond the Serpentine Lock" is coming soon!