I'm working on a Players Companion product for Paizo, and I suggested adding new kits, or groupings of equipment to buy all at once. I should have checked first--Pathfinder already has a ton of kits that seem to cover every environment, character class, theme, career, and foe you might need. Let me show you what I mean; here is a list of the kits I could find that already exist in the game so far:

Alchemist's kit, Alchemy crafting kit, Animal disguise kit, Antidote kit, Arcanist's kit, Arctic kit, Barbarian’s kit, Bard’s kit, Beast-training kit, Bird-training kit, Bloodrager's kit, Bounty hunter's kit (common), Bounty hunter's kit (superior), Brawler's kit, Breaker's kit, Brewer's kit, Brewer's kit, masterwork, Campsite kit, Cat burglar's kit, Cavalier’s kit, Chirurgeon's kit, Chronicler's kit, Cleric’s kit, Climber's kit, Cooking kit, Courtesan's kit, Desert kit, Disguise kit, Diver's kit, Dragoncrafting kit, Dragonslayer’s Kit, Druid’s kit, Dungeoneering kit (common), Dungeoneering kit (deluxe), Entertainer's kit, Exorcism kit, Fighter's kit, Fire giant hunter's kit, Fishing kit, Forest kit, Forger's kit, Fraudulent medium's kit, Frost giant hunter's kit, Gambler's kit (cheating), Gambler's kit (common), Gear maintenance kit, Ghost hunter's kit, Giant lair infiltrator's kit, Gravedigger's kit, Grooming kit, Gunslinger's kit, Gunsmith's kit, Half-orc disguise kit, Healer's kit, Hunter's kit, Infiltration kit, Inquisitor's kit, Investigator's kit, Juggler's kit, Kineticist's kit, Knight's kit, Leeching kit, Light kit, Magus's kit, Mapmaker’s kit, Medium's kit, Melee contingency kit, Mending kit, Mesmerist's kit, Mess kit, Midwife's kit, Monk's kit, Musk kit, Occultist's kit, Oracle's kit, Out-of-towner's kit, Paladin's kit, Pathfinder's kit, Phrenologist's kit, Planar traveler's kit, Psychic's kit, Pyramid buster's kit, Pyrography kit, Ranger's kit, Riding kit (common), Riding kit (exotic mount), Rogue's kit, Scrivener's kit, Seance kit, Shaman's kit, Shaving kit, Signal kite kit, Skald's kit, Skeleton slayer's kit, Slayer's kit, Sorcerer's kit, Spelunking kit, Spiritualist's kit, Spycatcher's kit, Spy's kit, Statue disguise kit, Summoner's kit, Survival kit (common), Survival kit (masterwork), Swashbuckler's kit, Symptom kit, Tracker's kit, Trailscent kit, Trapper's kit, Trickster's kit, Troll slayer's kit, Tropical kit, Undead slayer's kit, Undeath aid kit, Vampire slayer's kit, Veterinarian's kit, Warpriest's kit, Watchman's kit, Witch's kit, Wizard's kit, Woad painting (kit), Wyrm's breath bitter, Zombie slayer's kit

So, I'm going to propose something other than yet another set of kits!