Now, the news is very public that Paizo is producing a new version of Pathfinder. That doesn't come out until August 2019; in the meantime, Paizo is undertaking a very large public playtest of the new rules. The playtest rules come out on August 2018. Of course, being here in the office, I've gotten a chance to take the rules for a spin several times, and weigh in on my thoughts. 

Most of my play has been with a 9th-level gnome bard (in honor of my friend Ken, who shuns any fantasy RPG that doesn't provide an out-of-the-gate option to play a gnome bard), but I've also played a 14th-level dwarven barbarian and a 1st-level paladin. I've found a few nits in character creation and play, and provided my feedback to the soup that the designers are trying to settle into the final playtest rules (that is, they're trying to settle it into the final not-final system).

The very first time I played, I noted that the character sheets didn't have a space for size. (That matters, to a gnome.) I pointed this out to Jason Bulmahn, who insisted that's because every character in the new edition has the same size, and that size is "shut up, Ron Lundeen."

That's been fixed, obviously, but you can keep your size as "shut up, Ron Lundeen" if you'd like.

More about this exciting playtest soon!