The layout for A Lucky Morning is all done, and I've uploaded the cover file and interior file for printing. They're being matched, and then the proof will be sent my way. If it's good, I'll open A Lucky Morning for sale in print and pdf (I could open it to sale for pdf right now, but I'm waiting until I can do both at once).

Meanwhile, I spent a little time on layout for Perils of the Broken Road. It's got less "goodies" than A Lucky Morning; it doesn't have any player handouts, for example, it has fewer new rules, and its plot is fairly linear. However, it's got one big potential draw that A Lucky Morning didn't have: it contains all the necessary information (in sidebars) to run the adventure using the rules from the Pathfinder Beginner Box. There aren't a lot of third-party Beginner Box adventures out there, and new players that use those rules (or, more often, it seems, experienced players that have taught their young kids to play with the beginner rules) are often looking for new adventures. So here is something for them, while being a standard Run Amok adventure as well. We'll see how this dabbling in the beginner rules plays out!