Here's the final cover of A Lucky Morning. I'm most of the way through layout, and working backwards, in a way unusual for me but seems to be working here (I have all the handouts already set out, but not yet in the order the appear in the adventure, for example). Also, I have the full Thaven gazetteer through layout, and I think it works quite well.  Since I'll be using it here and in at least one other (as yet unannounced) upcoming adventure, I wanted to give it special polish.

And, through all, I'm still working on my Paizo writing assignment. I have about half my assigned wordcount now, but I like to be closer to 75% on my milestone date; since that's still two weeks away, I feel like I'm in good shape there. The discipline to be writing 1000 words a day so far this year has served me well in getting this put together, even though it's slowed other items a bit (the Emergency Villain Collection, mostly).