I'm working through my two upcoming projects (The Underdelve Menace and Teeth of the Storm), and I'm considering which product to dig into after that--either another short adventure, or a long project that's been brewing for quite some time. I was generously given a great, flexible set of stock maps from Raging Swan Press and I'm thinking they would work quite well with a very high-level (17th or 18th level) adventure I've been kicking around in my head. I know that high-level events appeal only to a small subset of GMs. Still, it seems that many more people pick them up just to read them, notwithstanding the fact that their campaigns may never get to those lofty levels. So, despite the limited utility of the project, I'm doing some initial structuring to see how it pans out. If it gets further than this, I'll add it to the "Upcoming Products" page.