I've added "Beyond the Serpentine Lock" to the upcoming product descriptions and included its summary at last. As far as timing, Kingdom of Toads will come out here in June, and Beyond the Serpentine Lock in July.

I noticed that the only review for "The Emergency Character Collection" thus far--a nice 4.5 star review, too--isn't here. So I added that.

I've also dropped an announcement about my next Paizo product, the Pathfinder Society adventure 4-23 Rivalry's End. This adventure doesn't come out until the end of this month, but it's gotten a lot of buzz as the adventure that will terminate one of the ongoing factions in the worldwide campaign. Paizo hasn't yet made a formal announcement about its authorship (so I suppose they could've scrapped my draft and gone with something else entirely), but I'm confident enough in my turnover to announce it here with my other few site updates.